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Privacy Sandbox Market Testing Grants

The Privacy Sandbox Market Testing Grants is no longer accepting submissions as of August 8th, 2023.

As announced in  May, starting in July, the Privacy Sandbox relevance and measurement APIs (including Topics, Protected Audience and Attribution Reporting)  will move to General Availability. To be clear, third-party cookies are not being deprecated at this stage. During this period and until the middle of 2024, Google will continue testing the impact of the Privacy Sandbox tools, working closely with the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) based on the  commitments we agreed to last year and their recent testing guidance to third parties1. Upon release of the APIs to General Availability, ecosystem participants will be able to conduct effectiveness testing of the tools. In particular, as announced earlier this year, we will provide  Chrome-facilitated testing that allows sites to meaningfully preview what it's like to operate in a world without third-party cookies. As part of implementing the commitments, the CMA is “keen to encourage firms to test the Privacy Sandbox tools” in order to “assess wider market impacts”.2 The results of the tests will help inform the CMA's assessment under the commitments on the effectiveness of the Privacy Sandbox tools.

Based on feedback from companies on the additional resources required to participate in testing, the Privacy Sandbox team is making available a limited amount of grant funding for engineering and testing-related work to eligible SSP and DSP companies to meaningfully contribute metrics that are material to the CMA review.
1. See  CMA guidance to third parties on testing 29 June 2023
2. See  CMA blogpost 28 April 2023